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YourWords French Latin French travel and learning dictionary

4.0 ( 4720 ratings )
旅游 教育
开发 Aurelien Bottazini
3.99 USD

Over 13400 definitions. No internet connection required (ideal when traveling). History and Quizzes to help your remember new words. As you type suggestions for quick searching.

Everyone who has ever studied a second language knows the challenge involved in trying to increase "word power".
"Your words" is here to help you overcome this challenge as well as to provide an easy to use dictionary for your travels.

"Your Words" is a simple but carefully crafted French - Latin, Latin - French dictionary.
Contains more than 13400 Words!
It provides real time suggestions for easier and faster searches.
You can dig into an Archive section for an easy access to previously searched words.

You can challenge yourself by taking Quizzes.
Quizzes are smart and are created with the help of your searches and previous quizzes results. They are here to help you learn faster.

No Internet connection is needed. The full dictionary is embarked in the application

This first release is focused on the core functionalities:

* Lightning fast searches with As you type suggestions
* Fully embarked dictionary
* Archive section
* Smart Quizzes